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Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Wireless Motion Sensors

Item #1145

Motion Sensors can be an effective and unobtrusive way for caregivers to reduce falls and resident wandering. Positioned along a bedside, motion sensors let caregivers know that a resident is attempting to vacate their bed. When used at doorways, they can alert caregivers that someone is moving about. Wireless motion sensors are available in economical, stand alone packages or may be used with Smart central monitoring systems.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Wireless Caregiver Paging System

Item #1336

This simple system comes complete with two Nurse Call Buttons and one Caregiver Pager. The Caregiver Pager has an audible alert and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. This Two-Pendant Paging System alerts caregivers of resident’s needs when the resident presses one of the Nurse Call Buttons, as long as they are within 150 feet of each other. The Buttons may be mounted on the headboard of a bed or worn as a pendant around the resident’s neck. This Paging System can also be configured for use with Chair and Bed Sensor Pads, Seat Belt Fall Monitors or Floor Mat Fall Monitors. This system comes with a 60 Day Warranty.