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Shamrock Medical Inc.


We sell a variety of equipment. Call for availability.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Bed Underpad Washable

Item #416

Designed for moderate to heavy incontinence. A blend of rayon and polyester and absorbs more fluid. Excellent protection against moisture damage to mattresses and bedding. size 24"x36.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Chair Underpad Washable

Item #77

Features durable, comfortable twill facing that resists staining. Vinyl knit barrier withstands heavy demands of multiple washing and drying cycles. size 11"x24"

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Prevail Underpad 100

Item #390

Designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. Feature a super-absorbent fluff layer and a cloth-like water-resistant layer. Pack of 10, size 30"x30"

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Prevail Underpad 150

Item #402

Prevail Underpads are designed to provide extra protection against leaks for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They add an additional layer of security, particularly for those with heavy leakage. Pack of 15 size 23"x36"