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Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Walker Skis

Item #400

Walkers Skis are a must for any folding walker. They attach easily on the rear legs to allow the walker to smoothly glide over surfaces, door jams and other terrains. The durable plastic skis last much longer than tennis balls and other glide options. Unlike tennis balls, they also do not track or collect dirt and germs from the ground. The attached rubber tip simply attaches to the tube of the walker leg. No tools required.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Walker Tip

Item #747

Rubber Tip Fits 1″ frame folding walkers

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Glide Tip

Item #678

These glide tips are for 1 inch walkers that have a 1 1/8 inch shaft.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Basket for Folding Walker

Item #1345

The basket attaches to the front of folding walkers. It conveniently stores personal items and is a great help during errands. The basket is 9.5″ in length, 7.25″ in height, and 18″ wide.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Tray for Folding Walker

Item #673

The tray for folding walkers is a convenient way to transport food and many items easily.

Everest and Jennings Wheelchair

Deluxe Cup Holder

Item #755

The Deluxe Cup Holder attaches easily to most walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs, adjusts to hold different sized items, and folds up when not in use.