Deluxe Cup Holder

 The Deluxe Cup Holder attaches easily to all walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs, adjusts to hold different sized items, and folds up when not in use. No tools are required.


The Flashlight FL-1000 adds extra light for safety in dark places and attaches to most walkers, transport chairs, and wheelchairs.
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Item #755
Item #739
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Cane Tips

Cane Tip fits items 1040, 1060, 2066, 3010, 7760. The Cane Tips are 3/4" in diameter, 2" in height, and 1.5" in width. Color Black
Item #1146

Glide Cover

Glide Cover, Black
Item #1147

Crutch Cover Set

Thick fleece material provides premium user comfort and protects against soreness and nerve pressure. The set includes one pair of under arm covers and one pair of hand grip covers. The covers are easy to put on and take off and are machine washable.
Item #1734

Tri-Support Cane Tip

Replaces existing cane tip. Provides balance, stability and makes your cane self-standing. Allows cane to stand on its own. Three tier design allows for better traction. For use with 3/4" tubing. Fits most manufacturers canes.
Item #1196

Cane Holder

Your cane finally has a home! Now you can truly maximize your mobility having both your walker and cane – together. No more struggling with how or where to place your cane with your walker. Nova’s innovative Cane Holder attaches to any walker and provides a perfect and secure home for your cane. It is so easy to remove your cane for use, and just as easy to place it back in its holder. The Cane Holder only fits canes with a 7/8” diameter.
This is just one more way to BLING your ride with Nova’s great mobility accessories.
Item #1370

Glide Cap

Glide Cap,
Item #1149

Rolling Walker Tray

The tray for rolling walkers (4000T) fits models 4200 (Cruiser), 4203 (GetGO),4202 (Cruiser Deluxe),4212 (GetGO Super), 4215 (Mack), 4216 (Mighty Mack), 4010 (Cruiser De-Light), and 4201 (Cruiser II). This tray does not fit the 4208 (GetGO Petite) or the 4202C (GetGO Classic).

5" Walker Wheels

5" Walker Wheels with Dual Hole Adjustment Column.
Item #947
Item #1041

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